Help For Atlas and His Mom
Help For Atlas and His Mom
Help For Atlas and His Mom

Help For Atlas and His Mom

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Atlas and his mom have had a tough time this past year. Atlas’ mom is serving in the military and was deployed overseas for the last 18 months.

She had help with Atlas lined up and then Atlas was going to come to Camp Cypress Dog Retreat for 6 months or so.

Her dog sitting help fell through and Atlas got to Camp a few months earlier than planned. Then the Coronavirus hit and Atlas’ mom’s order were extended what looks like about 6 additional months.

Camp Cypress Dog Retreat has discounted Atlas’ boarding fees and many kind people have helped with some of the costs like food, grooming, and portions of his stay. But the financial burden on his mom has been very difficult.

So we decided to print and sell a tee shirt with Atlas’ handsome photo on it.

ALL THE PROFITS WILL HELP COVER THE REST OF COST TO CARE FOR ATLAS while his mom is serving overseas protecting our great country.

Please join us in supporting Atlas and his mom


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