You can Have a Happy Healthier Dog!

No matter what else you’ve tried.

Your dog is just like any other family member right? Because you love your dog and you know what’s normal and what isn't, you can always tell when somethings wrong can’t you? 

Could be they don’t eat as much as they use to, maybe they don’t play as much but there’s little clues that your furbaby just isn’t the same. 

You know, they’re just a bit off. They shed more, they pant more, they pace, maybe even shake when someone new comes over. 

Whatever it is its just breaks your heart having to watch them suffer right? 

You worry about them all the time and you’re afraid to leave them alone. You’ve taken them to the vet many times, running up big vet bill trying to figure out what’s wrong with your baby.  

We Understand How You Feel

K9 Kare Products are ALL-NATURAL
Developed to Help Your Furbaby 

Does Your Dog Seem Afraid & Nervous?  

All of our dogs the past 20 years have been rescues, we’ve seen nervous and agressive  behavour show up in many forms. 

If you’re like most people you find it difficult if not impossible to manage your dog’s nervous behavior and if you’re like us it breaks your heart, right? 

There are many reasons why your dog is fearful and anxious.

**Being left alone
**Fear of riding in cars
**Rescue/Former Shelter Pets 
**Fearful of new people or dogs 
**Some are just nervous and anxious 

According to Dr. Meghan Herron, head of the Behavioral Medicine Clinic at Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, there are some tell-tale symptoms.   

“Signs that a dog is anxious may include panting, pacing, whining or whimpering, avoidance of eye contact, fidgeting, attempts to move towards the exit, hiding, and trembling.  

Less obvious signs might include dilated pupils, subtly moving away from people who attempt to pet the dog, displacement behaviors such as yawning, lip licking, air sniffing, wet-dog shaking, and shutting down and avoiding interactions.” 

We Can Toot Our Own Horn But We Like To Let Our Customers Do It For Us

I just wanted to share my experience, when mom goes away I get very scared and start panting, drooling, whining, and sometimes I get so scared I pee all over the house. Mommy has tried all kinds of medicine to help but nothing works. One day a friend told mom about Kalm Kare treats, mom was skeptical but couldn’t stand to see me suffer so she got some for me. 
WOW, these calming treats were amazing! The treats tasted great and I wasn’t scared anymore. Mom was so proud of me, I haven’t peed on the floor once and I don’t drool anymore either. 

I have the best mom and these are the best treats to keep me calm. 

Thank You! 

Dixie Mae 

I love that my dog misses me when I'm not around but I would rather him be calm and comfortable. My big baby Cooper has hates when I leave him alone at the house and is terrified to ride in the car.

I give him a few calming treats 30 mins before a car ride and we all have a better trip!! I leave the treats with him any time he is boarded and before grooming too! Happy pup= happy dog mom!  

Bree D. 

We treat each dog individually always consulting with the owner and their vet. Our goal is to help the dog adjust as best as possible with the least amount of intervention on our part.   

After a bit of research we found your Kalm Kare treats. I tested them first on my ridgeback who is really afraid of thunderstorms and she did great the next big storm.  

So we started using them at the kennel. The results have been fantastic. Since we started using the calming dog treats every dog but one that we gave them to seemed much more relaxed and calmer. 

Thank you for the great treats. 

Janet K 

My Yorkie has really scared of thunderstorms and licks the floor every time we have storms.  I’ve tried the little thunder shirts and he hated it. A friend of mine suggested I try your calming treats. I love them!

Whenever we have thunderstorms coming I give him one of these calming treats and he settles down and isn't terrified. They really do work thank you so much! 

Sarah T. 

My large German Shephard is terrified of thunderstorms. I’ve done a bunch of research on why dogs are afraid of storms in dogs. I’ve tried thundershirts for him and haven’t found anything that really helps him.  
I recently found out about all-natural oils that help dogs during storms and decided to try it. I can't believe that these actually worked but they did!!  
Recently we had two nights of really bad storms so I gave him few drops of oil a little before the storms started. It worked really well. He settled down and slept all night and didn’t even wake me up.  
The K9 Kare oil also helped when we have company, Ricco isn’t nearly as nervous anymore when we have people at the house. 

Thank you 

Susan P. 

Knowing Your Dog’s Happiness & Health are Improving Will Help You Sleep Better Wont It? K9 Kare Products Will Help that Happen!!